ECOaaS 2.6

It is clear to us in the Software team that our Agile working method of continuous improvement allows us to evolve the ECOaaS platform in a very dynamic way. This allows us to be very fast in the integration of new functionalities within ECOaaS. Although only a couple of months ago we launched version 2.5 (see link), we are ready to launch version 2.6. These are some of the new features that our customers will be able to see when accessing the platform in the coming days:

These are some of the new features that our customers will be able to see.

Added functionalities and improvements.

  • The UTC time system has been implemented in the backend to be able to use a date and time reference in the system independent of the location of the mission-critical rooms.
  • ASHRAE recommendation zones have been added to all relevant charts.
  • The update of the backend architecture and its application to the interface has been completed. The launch of microservices (specific calculations of different variables) is now configurable in time, so that the study of an event can be performed in real time, with faster data updates. This also allows for more agile loading of screens and graphics.


  • Node filtering in the Heatmap: When selecting the "loop" tool or the "box" tool in an area of the Heatmap, the nodes are automatically filtered, and their evolution is shown in the time evolution card of the node.
  • New filters in Heatmaps:
    • Deployable for temperature, humidity, pressure, and rssi maps.
    • Drop-down for the dynamic data filters presented in the information of each cabinet. Cabinets include a colour code for each variable.
    • Dropdowns to show/hide the location of all ECOaaS network devices placed in the mission critical technical room; Gateways, Network Extenders, and sensors - HVAC, floor, grilles, and cabinets).
  • New Heatmaps Implemented:
    • RSSI Coverage to aid deployment of sensors within the room and detect the need for Prometheus Network Extenders.
    • Underfloor overpressure: Mapping of floor overpressure to room values.
  • Dynamic Rack Filters: A series of filters have been added to view specific Rack variables within the heatmap.
    • pPUE: Partial PUE per cabinet.
    • Airflow: Detection of recirculation or bypass in the cabinets.
    • IT utilisation rate: Percentage utilisation of IT resources in the cabinets.
    • RCI High: Rack Cooling Index over the maximum recommended temperature (ASHRAE). Any value less than 100% means that the enclosure is receiving too hot air for a % of the time.
    • RCI Low: Rack Cooling Index over the minimum recommended temperature value (ASHRAE). Any value less than 100% means the cabinet is receiving air that is too cold for a % of the time.
    • Empty Racks: Racks without IT equipment
    • Cold Aisle Overpressure: Detection of overpressure in cold aisles. It can only be measured in racks where there are sensors in inlet and outlet simultaneously.
  • New graphics for pressure maps: Boxplots showing the pressure difference between Inlet and Outlet and Floor and Inlet.


  • KPIS Detail Pressure: When a room is selected in the tree map, the list of critical cabinets is automatically filtered. If a cabinet is selected, the list of the most critical cabinets in that row is automatically filtered.
  • KPIs Detail Humidity: Added the grid sensors to the psychrometric graph.

Sonia Escolano

Software Team

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